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The Malibu Guru

Apr 26, 2024

In this episode of the Malibu Guru Podcast, Joe interviews Gosta Tyrefors, a Swedish-born pilot who lives in Japan and has a fascinating background in aviation and business.


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Apr 19, 2024

Join Joe, Deanna, and Marc (Slocum) as they ferry two King Air 260's from Fargo to Saudi Arabia! Listen in as they talk about proper fuel planning, the challenges of radio communication in other countries, and the spectacular views along the way! We hope you enjoy this...

Apr 12, 2024

In this episode, Joe sits down with Emory Lobley, a crop duster who shares his journey of becoming an agricultural aviation pilot. He discusses the challenges and rewards of flying crop-dusting airplanes, including the unique experience of flying a radial-engine aircraft. Emory also talks about the advanced technology...

Apr 5, 2024

In this episode of the Malibu Guru podcast, Joe has a heartfelt conversation with Jason Gilbert. Jason, a tech entrepreneur who battled addiction before finding solace in aviation, shares his inspiring journey from despair to triumph. He discusses his teenage years, marked by the loss of his mother and his descent...